Workout Playlist

Music makes everything better wouldn’t you agree? It certainly motivates and takes your mind off the strains during workouts at the gym. Since I moved my workout routines to the morning, I’ve decided to make a playlist to listen to as I bulk up. What to add? If you too are looking for song suggestions to your workout playlist, I am happy to throw some songs out there. 

Hall of Fame- The Script 

Stronger- Kanye West

Gonna Make You Sweat( Everybody Dance Now)  The title is this song is self explanatory. Oh how I miss the 90’s, music and all.

Superhero- The Script As your muscles are aching, do as The Script says, “Turn that pain into power!”👊🏾

Ready for It All- Kodaline I heard this song in Planet Fitness last week on my first morning there in a long time. The chorus was fitting, which says “I’m ready for it all”. I was ready for the sweat and ready for whatever exercise machines I could get my hands on.

Call on Me- Eric Prydz 

Holding Out for a Hero- Bonnie Tyler

What Is Love- Haddaway Another 90’s classic. If you don’t know the artist you at least know this from the film Night of the Roxbury. You wanna headbod to this. Don’t lie.

Shape of You- Ed Sheeran Just imagine you’re going home to someone special after your workout(I wish), and they’re admiring the progress you’ve made. That and this song is just amazing.

God Chaser- William Murphy Something for all the Christians out there. This is a good one to listen to while you’re on a treadmill or jogging outside in hot or chilly conditions. The chorus goes, “I’m a God Chaser. God chaser. Because I love You I’ll chase You forever”.

Chasing After You- Vashawn Mitchell Another fast paced gospel song about chasing your Heavenly Father, As you’re gettting those legs moving, feel free to say these words, “I’m chasing after You no matter what I have to do, cause I need You more and more.”

Hopefully these were good suggestions. Feel free to suggest some to me as well. Have a good workout!

Sweat, Weights, n’ Views

Thanks are in order, friends. Last week, as I was sitting down during my lunch break, I checked my statistics and beheld that my blog reached over 1,000 views. 

While I don’t have that many followers, it warms my heart that people are at least taking time out of their lives to view my material. Just so everyone is aware, I read and thoroughly enjoy the work of other bloggers, anything from poetry to life lessons. You’re all amazing! I will continue to be a good neighbor by reading, liking, and giving feedback to others. Thank you!

Also, last week I started doing something I hadn’t done in a very long time. I graced my presence at the gym…in the morning!

It’s a major accomplishment for me because it’s a struggle for me to leave the house for anywhere but work in the morning. When you work the night shift five times a week as I do, you tend to cherish every moment in your home, specifically bed. But something inside me decided that working out at night after tiring work days wasn’t cutting it. I messed up my workout routine because I just didn’t feel motivated, so I decided to switch gears to the A.M., and I enjoy it very much.

I don’t know what it is, but after a workout I feel completely energized for work. The coworkers must look at me like I’m crazing, when I show up acting as if I’m ready to go a couple rounds with Floyd Mayweather. Perhaps stetching way down like Spider-Man and the occasional tornado kick(I’m a 1st degree black belt) is a bit much, but it sure beats starting your shift off acting like you have a hangover. 

Thanks again! Be well. Be groovy, and have a good day!

 Worker x 3

“The views expressed on this blog post are mine alone and do not necessarily reflect the views of my employer.”

Last December, I received a few recognitions by my department – Employee of the Month(December 2016) and Employee of the 4th Quarter( October- December) Then this January, much to my disbelief, I was voted by my coworkers as Employee of the Year(2016). This took me by surprise because I had only been with Tennova Healthcare since last June. It’s beautiful what God can do for you in such a short time. To be honest I think everyone in my department should’ve been recognized because I feel like we all as a group work hard.

Still, it felt good being recognized for what I had done. That night as I lay in bed, I talked to God, thanking Him for what he had done for me. While working sanitation in a hospital isn’t my dream job, I am glad that God gave it to me.

Some people will push themselves  to work twice as hard as anyone else. Me, I push myself three times as hard because:

1. I love to work. About a month ago at a church social, I told my father and a friend that this was so. They both looked at me as if I had bumped my head. Yes there is such a thing as a person in their 20s who likes to work. Just sitting around on my butt for too long when I could be doing something productive does not suit me.

2. It’s in my blood. Both of my parents have been working at Walmart for over 15 years. Mom works as a cashier during the day, and Dad works at nighter as a stocker.  My dad also had his own personal lawn care business, which he originally started for me to make money in between college semesters. The man has been working since he was 14. My mother is the head of our church social committee, in which she plans church socials such as game nights; movie nights; and church camping trips. She is also in charge of the church cleaning. It nobody is signed up to clean the church for a month, she will have our family do all the cleaning. 

3. Money It’s not the money itself I’m in love it, but I love knowing that I can pay for my own stuff. No, I don’t have to physically hold cash or roll around naked in it(that would be amazing, but who wants literal dirty money) to be satisfied. It is a plus that I am bachelor, because I can spend it on me and decide who and what I want to spend it on. Don’t worry, when I do get into another relationship I will not be greedy or cheap. The appropriate term will “smart” with my spending.

4. Disability Dont get me wrong. Even if I didn’t have a disability, I would still work as hard as a Hebrew slave, as my dad says he does. Being different has just given me a reason to push myself that extra step. I refuse to let my speech define me, so I strive as best as I can in not only speaking, but in everything else that I can. 

I encourage everyone, no matter what your occupation is; anything from food service in a hospital to the head of a company, give it your all and nothing less.

God’s Gifts

I love composing poetry

As I write my mind does free

The Lord gives my talents

Therefore they’re not of me

Give thanks for your talents

For the Lord is near

Don’t get too proud or cocky

Your gifts may disappear.

Be Content, Keep Searching

In bed feel flustered

Cause I won’t get the job

I applied for last month,

Feeling I’ve been robbed

Of something I’d be good at it.

Writing is my passion.

Kudos to whom was chosen

I can only imagine

What qualifications they had

How more suited they could be

I applaud other writers

But when will my time be

To find an awesome job

Within my chosen field?

This year or more longer?

It’s tough not to yield

Seems like only yesterday

I walked across that stage,

Feeling like I finished a chapter

Ready to turn the page

Of the next chapter in my life.

“College is over and done,”

I thought. “Bring on those jobs

For The real world has begun.”

I did find some work

Not what I had in mind

But it pays those bills

I guess I’m doing fine.

“Be content,” my Mom says.

For I already have a job.

There are those who have none

They have reason to sob.

The only comfort I can take

Is that God has a plan

To give me something better.

It’s all in His Hands.

Would you look at that.

My frustration’s gone away.

It took only some poetry

And alone time to pray.

(Side note: Everything’s fine. I’m searching and praying. God has my back.)

Winter Ease

(Written originally on March 3, 2014)

My mind is at ease

On this brisk winter night,

Sitting at my desktop,

With my lamp glowing bright.

As of now nothing matters-

Not those quizzes online,

Those asinine assignments,

Or newspaper deadlines.

I write in my journal

About today and yesterday,

Then of three days prior.

I’ve missed several days

Of writing about my college life.

I try to write each day

But with homework and social media

The memoirs get delayed.

It’s good to have this peace

On a cancelled school day

Yet like the snow outside

My ease will melt away.


I Come To You Again

(Originally written on January 11, 2014)

I am a child of the King,

Or so I say I am.

How can I speak His words

And not abide by them?

Those of the world who know

Him not, they can be justified.

For all of their transgressions

They know not what they do.

As a man who does know Him,

I have an obligation

To feed His sheep the truth

And turn them into shepherds.

How about those sheep

who do know Him

Thinking they cab manage

without an overseer?

I can’t convert those people.

Only He can help them change.

All I can do is bow my head,

And hope they find their way.

Now on back to me.

I’m supposed to be a saint

And be separate from the world.

Instead I fit right in.

How can I help myself?

I can go to church all I want;

Sing the songs; and read the texts,

But one must truly absorb it all

To become a better person.

I come to you again Father,

But not with hollow apologies.

Before I preach to others,

I’ll give myself a sermon.