Your Twenties

(Originally written on September 12, 2013)

What are your twenties made for?

That’s the question on my mind?

What is best for this age range?

What should we be doing?


Some at my age are parents

By choice or by mistake.

Me, I not a father,

But one day I’ll partake.


Should one get married at this time?

I think that’s the biggest question

Is it better to settle down now

Or continue dating and searching?


And we can’t forget those people

Who party like no tomorrow.

We could all die any day,” they say,

“So we might as well celebrate.”


I look to myself-the college student,

Living with the folks at twenty-one.

Pondering what my future holds

And if I can achieve my goals.


I’ll Be Bold and Share a Poem

Last night, as I was pondering about what to share with you next, I noticed the white notebook buried under a stack of papers entitled “Poetry Journal of David Harris”, which was filled with dozens of poems I wrote for myself and for my college poetry class over three years ago. Do I really want to share one of my poems? I thought.

I had actually dug up my journal the week of Valentine’s Day when I thought about sharing one of my pieces at a blog party. But I had better pieces to share that didn’t involve rhyming; sonnets; limericks; or the traditional “Roses are red, violets are blue”, so I put the notebook aside.

My poems pail in comparison to well known poets, such as Maya Angelou, perhaps one of the best poets ever. If Maya were alive she’d have the good mind to slap me across the face with my journal and light my concoctions on fire. But I’m going to be brave and share one of my better poems with you. 

This poem was written on April 26, 2013 and revised on October 10, 2013. Originally this was a rhyming poem, but my college peers encouraged me to make it more free verse so I wouldn’t feel restrained. Always remember that not every poem has to be subjected to rhymes. Here it goes.

“What About the Children?” by David Harris

You say you’re leaving./ I won’t lose any sleep,/nor shed any tears./ But the kids will weep.
Were you thinking about them/ when you did what you did/ when you spat on our marriage/ by straying with that man?

For the sake of our family/ we could work this out/ and pretend this never happened,/ but you won’t have that will you?

You would abandon this family/ for a married man,/ knowing he’s a pastor,/ with a family of his own.

Bags are being packed./ The ring is being tossed./ Foul language fills my ears./ You inch towards the door.

Out the door you go/ to your estranged lover./ This house will seem broken/ without a loving mother.

I will run this household/ the best way to can./ I’ll be a strong provider- / my role as a man.

What do you think? Though it isn’t the best thing I’ve written, I’m glad I did write it and that I shared it. I encourage all you writers to be bold and share what you wish with the world. You may be wonderfully surprised at the reaction you get. Have a good week and God bless.


Bitmoji David

First, publishing something a day after a previous post is something I never do. I can spend days working on post before it sees the light of day. This is for several reasons:

  • I have a job, so that is where most of my focus throughout the week goes into.
  • I like to think not throwing something out there daily gives more people the opportunity to view my previous material.
  • It gives me a chance to brainstorm and truly put some heart into what I write.
  • I’m not always in a writing mood.

Here I am now, with some free time wanting to challenge myself. Can I write and publish something good in a day, and a day after a previous post? Let’s see. Finger crossed. What can I talk about?

You may or may not have noticed a funny looking guy in two previous posts of mine. A dashing, cartoonish guy with glasses; a box haircut; and a neat, well trimmed beard. That funny looking guy is is called a Bitmoji, and he is supposed to be me. Say hello.

Bitmoji is an application that allows you to create your own personal emoji; an avatar. It adds more fun to text messaging, Snapchat, and other social media.

Bitmoji David was born on February 10, 2017. Like the pains women endure during child birth, his coming into the world was not an easy one. Why, because it was a struggle putting him together. Believe it or not I actually had to glance in the mirror several times to make sure I did myself justice. 

All these thoughts came to mind as I was editing.

  • Gotta get that skin tone right. Am I more dark chocolate or am I a Hershey’s bar? 
  • You know darn well you don’t have that much muscle. Go for a smaller build.
  • Is this the right eye shape or did I make myself look Asian?
  • Is it just me, or does this dude have a better box haircut than me. It’s not fair!
  • Yeah, I think I’ll pass on those forehead lines.
  • Could they not have more styling glasses to choose from? 

After about 15 minutes of tinkering and cracking my side at my sad attempts, Bitmoji David was born.

(His first picture. )

The first person to view my Bitmoji was my best friend Bianca, and her immediate reaction was…

“Hey,” I said. “I tried”. How about you? If you have the Bitmoji app on your phone, do you think you did yourself justice?

Staring at my mini me, I thought, why limit using these avatars on Snapchat, where posts will only be there for a couple of hours before they’re gone forever? I decided to incorporate the Bitmoji into my blog. I thought this would be a good idea because:

  • It is a good last resort when I can’t find images that are relevant to a topic. 
  • It adds more creativity to my blog.
  • It is a good way to grab readers’ attention.

If you’re a blogger and also own the Bitmoji app, I highly recommend incorporating your avatars into your pieces.  Thank you and…


    My Roles As A Black Man

    February is one of my favorite times of the month. No, it isn’t because of Valentine’s Day. I’d pay good money to see Cupid take an arrow to the knee. What I like most about February is it’s celebration of black history.

    This post is a bit overdue because I wasn’t sure what to talk about in honor of black history month. At first I was torn between writing about the African clothing called the “dashiki” or to celebrate black writers such as James Baldwin and Maya Angelou. When I couldn’t choose between the two, a third option came to mind- my roles as a black man. What are those roles?

    Knowing my history. Thanks to I know my roots, and I can research more about what life was like in the motherland(Africa) before my ancestors were yanked away from it. I will remember lost youth such as Emmett Till, a victim of lynching in 1965; the four girls bombed in a Birmingham church in 1963; and of course Trayvon Martin, whose fateful night in 2012 continues to be met with facts, speculation, and outrage. My ears will hear the echoing voices of influential people such as Martin Luther King Jr., Mahatma Gandhi, Malcolm X , and former U.S. President Barack Obama.

    Being intelligent. I am proud to say that I finished school. The week of my college graduation, myself and other black students were recognized by the APSU African American Alumni Chapter for our hard work and dedication. During graduation, I felt truly honored to walk across that stage in the APSU Dunn Center wearing a stole with the African colors green, gold, red, and black. While I don’t quite have my ideal job, those years I spent at Austin Peay State University were worth it in my opinion. There is nothing wrong with being educated. Don’t let anyone tell you that education is a waste of time. These days employers do care of you have school experience on your resume.

    Staying out of trouble My Facebook feed is bouncing with crime logs every day. A record seems like a life sentence if you ask me. You may not be in a cell, but what happens when you have background checks when applying for jobs? Some employers are going to notice that one thing you did however long ago and ignore your positive qualifications. This can be twice as challenging for African American males with records. Why, because this is America, and racism is still alive and well. Some people try to be sneaky with their hate, and others, such as the Ku Klux Klan, are open about it. To those struggling to find work due to past crimes, I pray someone hires you, because who doesn’t love to make money? And to those who have been charged for crimes they didn’t do, I pray God will bring your innocence to the judge and juries of this world. Remember, God is the ultimate judge.

    Staying alive.  It breaks my heart everyday to see so many African Americans perish from violence such as police brutality. Nowadays, I am very careful to always have my license on me and my registration in the car in case I get pulled over. When it happens I intend to calm my speaking to where I’m not stammering as much and not make any wrong movements. These days it seems officers are more quick to fire a gun at a so-called dangerous black person(man in particular) than at someone with a lighter complexion. According to a study of the American Journal of Public health, “black men are nearly three times as likely to be killed by legal intervention than white men”(“Study: Black men nearly 3 times as likely to die from police use of force.”).

    Being a good spouse. 

    • As hard as I work now, I will push myself just as hard to provide for my wife, should I have ever get married.  
    • Every marriage is going to have times when you won’t want to be in the same room with your spouse. During those times, I pray my first option will not be to look to the next pair of fine legs that comes my way. 
    • If I do ever get angry, I will not lay a hand on my better half. These hands of mine were made for defense, writing, hard work, and prayer. 
    • I will treat her as a person and not a piece of property. 
    • Welcome God into the marriage so it can grow and last.

    Hopefully, whoever I end up with feels the same way, because an unequally yoked marriage is sure to crumble.

    Being a good father. I think I have an amazing dad. His name is Michael H. Harris. Growing up I had my little gripes about him in my head, but looking back the way he brought me up wasn’t bad. He was Dad; not some peer to buddy around with and let me do whatever I want. I think my other three siblings can oblige that Dad did a good job with us. Here’s to hoping I can take some of what I learned from him and pass it on.

    If I do ever have a child I intend to not abandon my responsibilities. It blows my mind at those men who can willingly turn their nose up at their own flesh and blood; something you helped create. I understand some men can’t work things out with their partner, but if you can’t establish a relationship with the woman, then the very least you can do is provide for the child and be present in their life if you can. 

    Being more than my color. I am proud to be an African American. I love my Hershey’s chocolate skin. But just like my speech, my skin color does not define me. Three things define me- my God, character, and actions. I encourage everyone to be more than what is in their blood. Strive to be a human being, because sometimes we tend to forget we are just that.

    To my brothers of the black community, I hope you all took something from this. To all, I wish you all a Happy Black History Month. As always, God bless!


    “Study: Black men nearly 3 times as likely to die from police use of force.” CNN. Cable News Network, n.d. Web. 20 Feb. 2017.

    Give Us the Facts

    Currently I am working on two other blog posts, which will be up soon. In the mean time, here is a post that has been sitting in my drafts for a while. I began this the first month I started blogging, but it seemed a little premature at the time since I was just starting out. Five months and 19 posts later seems like a long enough time to do the popular 25 Facts About Me. Here it goes.

    1. My first name is David, which in Hebrew translates to “beloved”. I’ve been told it fits me because I’m a lovable type of guy.

    2. I wrote for the Austin Peay State University paper The All state.

    3. I’m a Seventh Day Adventist. No we are not a cult or secret society. We are simply Christians who goe to church on Saturday instead of Sunday. 

    4. I have two older brothers and one little sister.

    5. I wear cologne everyday, not to attract anybody, but just in case my deodorant doesn’t cut it. 

    6. I have never smoked a day in my life; not even weed. 

    7. I’m an Aquarius, but I trust in God, rather than rely on horrorscopes.

    8. I consider myself a sinner, so I am not going to condemn someone for their sins.

    9. I love Hershey’s Cookies n’ Creme.

    10. My favorite ice cream is vanilla.

    11. I’m 5’6. Compared to some guys I’m a shorty, but whatever.

    12. I was prom king at my senior prom.

    13.  There is not one tattoo on my body. 

    14. Singing is one of my favorite things to do, and in my opinion God’s gift to me as a way to make up for my stuttering. 

    15. I’m a first degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do. I’ve never had to use it on anybody, and I hope I never have to.

    16. I love to dance and have been told that I am good at it. 

    17. I talk to myself in the mirror to better my speaking. 

    18. The name of my car is Bathsheba, like in the name of King David’s lover.

    19. My beard is my way of not looking too young.

    20. My favorite color is blue.

    21. My least favorite topic to write about is politics, because of how it divides the nation. 

    22. I did show choir for three years in high school.

    23. I prefer lots of music before my time over current music.

    24. I’m photogenic. You can tell by all the selfies I take.

    25.  I graduated from APSU as a communications major and english minor. 

    If you’re ever having writer’s block or taking time on another piece, the 20 Facts About Me is a good filler. Your readers care to know even the little things about you. Have a good day, and God bless!


    Not Another Single’s Piece

    With Mr. Cupid’s time of the year coming up, a good many people will be out celebrating with their better halves. People will get fat off chocolate. Restaurants will be packed. Songs and poetry will be sung and recited. Good for all the couples, but what about those of us who don’t have a better half? Where is our special day? Fear not, because I am here to share with you that February 15 is Single Awareness Day. 

    You’re probably thinking, Gee thanks, David. Way to remind me that I’m lonely. Hear me out, because I assure you that living single isn’t as bad as it seems.

    Single Awareness(Appreciation) Day is celebrated the day after Valentine’s Day. The purpose of the day is to raise awareness and an appreciation for single life. It gives single individuals something to do after feeling left out from the romance all around them. Research suggests that the creator of the day was Dustin Barnes, a Mississippi State University student. Was he single at the time- yes. (“Singles Awareness Day, February 15 at Holiday Insights.”) 

    Single Awareness Day is the perfect opportunity to be aware of not only that you are single, but why you’re single. What is your reason?

    • Perhaps you just don’t see dating as a priority. 
    • You’re too scared to ask anyone out. Been there. Done that. There are a few times I have reached out to someone I was interested in. Even though the results weren’t what I was hoping for, I was glad that I at least said something. I would rather be rejected knowing how someone felt about me, rather than torment myself not knowing because I was too nervous to speak up.
    • Maybe you did ask someone out, but you got rejected.
    • Trust issues. I’ve seen plenty of relationships fall apart because one partner thought they could trust the other to be true to them, when the other was straying with someone outside the relationship.  You don’t want to have your trust broken again.
    • You don’t know where you’d find the time. This can be especially challenging for college students. If you can find some way to add a boyfriend or girlfriend to your list of priorities, which can include studying; projects; homework; tests; college activities and groups; friends; family; and possibly holding a job, then by all means go for it. 
    • Nobody interests you at this time.
    • You care about you and you only.
    • Finding that connection with someone isn’t easy.
    • A relationship(good or bad) ended.
    • Not quite over your ex. 

    Now that you’re fully aware about why your single, what can you do to celebrate you?

    Spoil yourself. Go out and see a movie. Buy a concert ticket to see your favorite music artist. Why wait for someone to get you something precious when you have the money to buy it yourself?

    Celebrate with friends. Preferably you should celebrate with the single ones so you have something in common to celebrate. You can exchange gifts or hang out. 

    Celebrate your accomplishments as a bachelor/bachelorette. Pat yourself on the back for grabbing your college degree. Toast yourself for getting your dream job or getting highly recognized at your job. Give praise that you have no extra drama im your life. Also, just being alive is something to celebrate, because many people have their lives shortened. 

    List the positives of single life. 

    • Your money is yours and yours alone to do with what you please. 
    • There is one less person to please. 
    • You are free to talk to whomever you want.
    • There is more time to focus on bettering yourself as an individual.
    • Your goals and your dreams come first before anyone else’s.
    • You learn to love yourself first.

    Say “goodbye” to single life. If you’re truly sick of being single, then go out and mingle. No, do not get an attachment in one day. Preferably use this day to meet another single person and get to know them. 

    As Valentine’s Day comes and goes, I encourage you all to remember that there is absolutely nothing wrong with being on your own. Think about it, one must learn to be by themself before ever engaging anything with anyone else. 


    “Singles Awareness Day, February 15 at Holiday Insights.” Singles Awareness Day, February 15 at Holiday Insights. N.p., n.d. Web. 13 Feb. 2017.

    Rockin’ Like The Rockefellers

    A while ago, one of my fellow bloggers David Snape(great first name and blogger) asked the big question to all, “Would you rather be where you are now or be a billionaire?”. I think every post college person, if not every person in general has a desire to be extremely wealthy. I answered ‘yes’.

    First, I would like to be able to say that I earned that money the right way. I do not wish to inherit millions from my parents,  because it was by their sweat that they made that money. Besides, a large inheritance would be another reason for my siblings to think that I’m the star child of the family, which I’m not. I do not wish to gain the money by the lottery either, because any fool can win. And any fool can lose it all and be a beggar on the streets because of gambling. Anyway, if I had that amount of wealth to my name this is what I would do:

    Pay off my student loans. Every former college student should desire this. Forget the monthly payments; I’d pay off that entire debt by the next payment and be done with it forever if they’d let me.

    Buy a house. I don’t want a mansion; a nice one story house will suffice. I’d go for a one story home so that when I’m an old man I won’t have to struggle going up a flight of stairs just to get to my bedroom.

    Have my own personal library.  As you can presume by me being a writer, I am also a reader. Some people call themselves bookworms. Me, I refer to myself as a booklion because lions are mightier. (I couldn’t help but say the name “Mufasa” after that one. The Lion King is a must see film.) The library would be right in my own, and it would be swimming with books that will last me for the rest of my days.

    Buy another car. I love my silver Mercury Milan dearly. My feelings for her are so strong that I named her Bathsheba after the woman in the Bible who King David just had to have for himself. As tight as I am with her, I will eventually have to divorce her for another beauty on wheels; one whose purring engine doesn’t sound like that of a toy car.

    Buy new clothes. I love dressing up; everything from spiffy suits to cufflinks. It’s a struggle for me deciding what to wear to church every Saturday, because I have more than enough dress shirts; dress pants; suits; ties; tie clips; and cufflinks. If I had the money right now I would go out to the store Styles Of New York and buy 10 new suits. One color suit I’ve contemplated wearing is pink. I think if I were to walk into my church dressed from head to toe in that color that I would get talked about. I foresee someone saying something along the lines of “You’re a deacon, not a pimp.” Lord only knows what my church family thought when I came into God’s house wearing my red suit for the first time. Nothing wrong with dressing your best for God though.

    Take care of my folks. Should the situation ever come to where my mother and father can’t physically or mentally take care of themselves, I wish to care for them as they have cared for me. Hopefully that won’t include changing diapers. If I end up having to put them in a nursing home, I will definitely come visit them as often as I can.

    Continue paying tithe. Ten percent of what I make now goes to God. I do this not just because of church custom, but because I choose to. I prayed my Savior would give me a job, and He fulfilled. Before I walk into the job site, I say a short prayer, which includes strength to make it through those work hours. To not give back to God would be insinuating that I did this all on my own.

    Rockin’ like the Rockefellers of the world would be grand, but I appreciate the money I have to my name now. I’m not rich, but at the same time I’m not poor. Being in between the two in my opinion has taught me how to be smart with my spending. The top three important things that I put my money into the most are student loans; phone bills; and gas for my car. The top three pleasures I spend most on are books, movies, and the occasional amazon purchases. It’s the simple pleasures in life that make me happy.

    Also, if I were rich would I be as humble as I am now? I’m confident enough in most of everything I do, but no matter how big people make me out to be when I accomplish something I tend to not let it go to my head. I’m aware that I am not the hottest thing out there. If anything I tell people God has a hand in my success and abilities. If I had it all, would I feel like I need God as much as I do now?

    The next time you desire endless riches, consider not only what you would do with your pot of gold, but how it would affect you as a person.

    “And again I say unto you, It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle, than for a rich man to enter into the kingdom of God.” -Matthew 19:24  KJV


    The King James study Bible: King James Version. Nashville: Thomas Nelson Publishers, 1995. Print.