Be Content, Keep Searching

In bed feel flustered

Cause I won’t get the job

I applied for last month,

Feeling I’ve been robbed

Of something I’d be good at it.

Writing is my passion.

Kudos to whom was chosen

I can only imagine

What qualifications they had

How more suited they could be

I applaud other writers

But when will my time be

To find an awesome job

Within my chosen field?

This year or more longer?

It’s tough not to yield

Seems like only yesterday

I walked across that stage,

Feeling like I finished a chapter

Ready to turn the page

Of the next chapter in my life.

“College is over and done,”

I thought. “Bring on those jobs

For The real world has begun.”

I did find some work

Not what I had in mind

But it pays those bills

I guess I’m doing fine.

“Be content,” my Mom says.

For I already have a job.

There are those who have none

They have reason to sob.

The only comfort I can take

Is that God has a plan

To give me something better.

It’s all in His Hands.

Would you look at that.

My frustration’s gone away.

It took only some poetry

And alone time to pray.

(Side note: Everything’s fine. I’m searching and praying. God has my back.)

Winter Ease

(Written originally on March 3, 2014)

My mind is at ease

On this brisk winter night,

Sitting at my desktop,

With my lamp glowing bright.

As of now nothing matters-

Not those quizzes online,

Those asinine assignments,

Or newspaper deadlines.

I write in my journal

About today and yesterday,

Then of three days prior.

I’ve missed several days

Of writing about my college life.

I try to write each day

But with homework and social media

The memoirs get delayed.

It’s good to have this peace

On a cancelled school day

Yet like the snow outside

My ease will melt away.


I Come To You Again

(Originally written on January 11, 2014)

I am a child of the King,

Or so I say I am.

How can I speak His words

And not abide by them?

Those of the world who know

Him not, they can be justified.

For all of their transgressions

They know not what they do.

As a man who does know Him,

I have an obligation

To feed His sheep the truth

And turn them into shepherds.

How about those sheep

who do know Him

Thinking they cab manage

without an overseer?

I can’t convert those people.

Only He can help them change.

All I can do is bow my head,

And hope they find their way.

Now on back to me.

I’m supposed to be a saint

And be separate from the world.

Instead I fit right in.

How can I help myself?

I can go to church all I want;

Sing the songs; and read the texts,

But one must truly absorb it all

To become a better person.

I come to you again Father,

But not with hollow apologies.

Before I preach to others,

I’ll give myself a sermon.


Trust in Him

Good day, friends. What can I talk about during my lunch break? 

I don’t know the entire Bible by heart. If we’re being honest I need to open it more. But one scripture written on my heart is Psalms 118:8, which reads “It is better to trust in the Lord, than be put confidence in man.” 

Sometimes we as people have trouble putting our trust in others; from spouses who betray us, to coworkers who don’t pull their weight during long work hours. People of this world will too often disappoint you or let you down. But God, he has your back entirely. I trust that God can:

  • Continue helping me grow as a speaker. 
  • Continue giving me more stuff to write about on this thing I call a blog. I know full and well these ideas don’t come from me.
  • Keep giving me strength to make it through whatever my job throws at me. 
  • Always protet me on the road so I don’t have an accident. 
  • Help me grow as a writer. 
  • One day provide me with a job with my field. 
  • Help me grow as a better servant for Him.
  • Give me more self confidence in everything I do.

What is one of your favorite scriptures? And what do you trust God to do? Have a good day, and remember that no matter how many people may let you down in life, that you can always trust in God.



The Main 3

A while ago, I started this post in response to something on Instagram one of my followers shared on her account. The post was a list of everything they wanted in a significant other; a “Bae List”. It got me thinking further ahead of what I hope for in a spouse.

Maybe I’m thinking too far ahead. I’m not even in a relationship. But hey why not? These are the Main 3 Things I hope for in a spouse:

1. A believer and lover of Christ. If there is one thing I would love to have in common with someone, it would be for both of us to share a love for Christ. To be able to pray, worship, and give praise together. I just don’t want to have an uequally yoked marriage. 

“It is a dangerous thing to form a worldly alliance. Satan well knows that the hour which witnesses the marriages of many young men and women closes the history of their religious experience and usefulness. For a time they make make an effort to live a Christian life, but all their strivings are made against a steady influence in the opposite direction. Once they felt it a privilege to speak of their joy and hope; but soon they become unwilling to make this a subject of conversation, knowing that the one with who they have linked their destiny takes no interest in these things. This Satan insidiously weaves about them a web of skepticism, and faith in the precious truth dies out of the heart”(White 453,454).

 If you’re a believer and going into a marriage thinking your religious ways will influence your non believing partner, it could be the exact opposite. Is having a spouse worth challenging your connection with God?

2. Loving & faithful. I would hope that I get married because someone loves me. Otherwise what’s the point? I want it be a true love, not lust or infatuation that simmers away over seasons. Ellen G. White said in her writings that “love is a precious gift, which we receive from Jesus. Pure and holy affection is not a feeling, but a principle. Those who are actuated by true are neither unreasonable nor blind. Taught by the Holy Spirit, they love God supremely, and their neighbor as themselves”(White 435)

“Let a young man seek one to stand by his side who is fitted to bear her share of life’s burdens, one whose influence will ennoble and refine him, and who will make him happy in her love”(White 435)

Regarding faithfulless, as the seventh commandment of the ten says, “Thou shalt not commit adultery.” I hate cheating with a passion, especially when one partner has done nothing to push the other to stray with someone else. I think it’s extra selfish when one has children with a spouse and still goes out and cheats. By doing this you’re not just breaking the bond with your partner, you’re putting your child in a position where they could lose either parent. My advice: If you don’t feel the same towards your partner as you once did, just leave. Why have extra drama to further complicate the situation? However, if both parties(not one) are willing to work things out and move forward together, then pray about, and go for it. 

3. Look past my speech. I’m sure I’ve turned off a good number of women every time my eyes flicker; tongue twists; and so forth as I stammer, but I am what I am. I will continue to better myself in speech, but I can’t promise that my stutter is going to disappear forever. All I can do is practice, not be afraid, and continue praying. I’m done apologizing for what I am. Know that I am bigger than my speech.

We finally got the three out of the way. Now I feel compelled to say that I am a firm believer in patience. I appreciate everyone’s advice, but I am not rushing out to find a spouse at this point in my life.  I’m only 25. In my opinion, your 20s should be the years when you figure out and establish yourself as an adult. You are on nobody’s time clock except your own. Don’t let anyone: coworkers, professors, church members, friends, or family ever tell you otherwise. Get married when you’re ready.

“Satan is constantly busy to hurry inexperienced youth into a marriage alliance. But the less we glory in the marriages which are now taking place, the better. When the sacred nature and the claims of marriage are understood, it will even now be approved of Heaven, and the result will happiness to both parties”(White 455).

What about you? What are your main 3 things you hope for in a spouse or significant other? 


White, Ellen Gould Harmon. Messages to young people. Hagerstown, MD: Review and Herald, 2002. Print.

The King James study Bible: King James Version. Nashville: Thomas Nelson Publishers, 1995. Print.

Not In Vain

Do you ever feel like what you do is in vain; that nobody really cares what you’re doing? I feel that way sometimes in my church nursing home ministry. Every second Saturday afternoon, my family and I visit the Manor House Nursing Home in Dover, Tennessee. Though I do enjoy it, sometimes I have my doubts. 

My Uncle Anthony was a resident in a different nursing home in 2004 after suffering a brain aneurysm. Dad started the ministry while visiting him. Even though my uncle eventually passed away, Dad still felt called upon by God to to press on with his ministry. Three years ago, my father was taking care of a man named Bill, who was a resident at Manor House for two years before also passing away. Manor House then became our permanent place to visit once a month. 

We always invite people from our church to tag along with us, but most of the time it’s just me and my family holding the fort down. With my sister away with her husband living in Texas, it’s down to just me; Mom; Dad; and Chris, a Christian who worships on Sundays. It can be very discouraging.

What takes my mind off the small numbers is seeing the residents enjoying themselves. My heart soars hearing them sing along with us from the hymnal, seeing them rejoice or ask for prayer during testimony time, or seeing them captivated during my father’s small sermons called sermonettes. Some of the residents are quiet or don’t seem interested at all at our being there, but it’s good that they at least there in the room, because they just might catch something important.

This past nursing home visit, as I was gathering the hymnals ready to exit the nursing home,  I heard a gentle tone-several piano keys. There was a pause and then the music continued. I recognized what the tune was. It was the song we had had just sung- Shall We Gather at the River. I turned my head and there at the brown piano that neither me or the others ever touched, was an elderly woman in a wheelchair, poking away at the keys. Mom, Dad, Chris and myself all stared at one another in awe. Neither me or Dad hesitated to get a front row seat to the surprise musician. While there were pauses in the playing, the tempo was just right for you to make out the song and truly appreciate it. What blew my mind more was that this woman was playing with one hand. What talent! As that last key faded out, I felt as if any discouragement I had about the ministry faded out as well. 

“Thank you very much,” I said, extending my right arm around her. “That was wonderful.”

You are very welcome,” she said quietly. “Drive safely.”
Hearing that resident on the piano made me do some some deep thinking. I get so caught up about the lack of participation in our ministries that sometimes I forget why we do them- to reach out to as many people as we can with the love Christ. Let this be a lesson. If you ever feel like what you’re doing is in vain, don’t give up hope. There is always someone there to let you know that you’re not wasting your time at all. God bless!